Care For Stone Worktops

Care and maintains guidelines

  1. Spilled liquids and/ or food must be removed and clear from the surface as quickly as possible. Especially coffee and tea which create stains that are harder to remove due to their strong/ aggressive colouring properties and also when these products are left on the stone surface for a longer period and dry-out.
  2. Never put hot pots ,pans.. directly on the stone surface.
  3. Never use bleach or products based on ammonia, products with a pH- Value higher than 10 or strong solvents on a surface. Certain affective chemicals, such as oven cleaners, can result in permanent damage of the surface. never use products that contain Trithloorethane  or methyl chloride such as paint removes or strippers.
  4. Avoid contact with marking or printing inks.
  5. Always use a chopping board when cutting vegetables …, to avoid metal  marks on worktops. Metal marks can be removed with  our professional natural stone cleaner.  Look out with abrasive products – strongly scratching components on polished surface . Only use soft sponge no steel wool
  6. Due to the great hardness of this material a certain impacted can cause small pit in the surface. This can be repaired with the special repair kit for the kitchen worktops in compound material / quartz surface
  7. Never use colour enforcing products or multiples layers of impregnation products on quartz surfaces . A film will be created that is hard to remove.
  8. Never use waxes, oils, greasy soups, or shine improving products as film will be created
  9. After cleaning always rinse wall with clear water
  10. Direct sun light (UV-rays) can alter the colour of worktops so never install quartz outside it is not a problem to install behind the window since glass is sufficient UV filter
  12. Lots of stains on quartz compound stone materials are stains on top of the surface
  13. Such stains can mostly be will removed with window spray or  our professional natural stone cleaner.
  14. On polished surfaces and surfaces with limited absorption , it is not recommended to maintain with greasy products

Note: Client has to aware that natural stone (granite and marble ) has to be sealed at least once a year.

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