Granite Worktops

One of the hardest materials on earth formed millions of years ago beneath the earth’s surface.

  1. Granite is a natural substance, it was formed millions of years ago as slowly cooling magma is subjected to extreme pressures deep beneath the earths surface. Pitting and veining is natural and will occur in a random distribution of swirls, in addition, variations in shade or areas of contrast are all common within Granite. Occasionally this can be quite dramatic in both veining and base colour.

Granite is an igneous rock, which means it is formed out of magma after it has cooled down. Granite contains quartz content, along with other components. It is a very tough rock, which is why it is used so often in engineering, houses and construction.Granite worktops are the most popular choice bringing a natural beauty into your kitchen! Every piece of granite is unique, a work of art from nature. One of the hardest materials on earth, granite was formed millions of years ago beneath the earth’s surface. Worktops made from granite are extremely hard wearing & won’t scratch under normal use and are easy to clean & maintain, making them ideal worktops for kitchens & bathrooms.

If you going to choose granite for your kitchen worktop, you will likely see random veining and uneven (different) colour patterns. Most people like that it is so natural, it is directly coming from the nature, it is nature colour nothing is made by man.

Our most popular Granite Worktop quality 

  1. Sardinian Grey Granite: A speckled variety of dull grey, black and white dots over a whitish grey background mostly this Granite come from Karnataka, south India.
  2. Shiva kashi Granite: Shiva kashi is quarried from a bedrock quarry in India.This stone contains small salmon patches with a light cream/beige background complemented with some burgundy streaks.
  3. Kashmir White Granite : For many years Kashmir White also known as Cashmere White granite worktops have been very popular. The natural beauty of Kashmir White with its creamy off white background, grey and black veining has made it a very popular choice. Kashmir White has become a very rare material as the mining of this material in India has ceased. The Indian government has closed all the quarries of Kashmir White in India, due to the illegal mining of the material. As Kashmir White only comes from India and there is no other place to source the material. So at present Kashmir White is a very rare material. The Kashmir White Granite is a hard Granite and we have found that it is very useful in indoor applications such as Flooring, Kitchen Countertops, Steps, Treads, Staircases, Vanity tops, vases. We recommend you to buy this Granite in Slabs and tiles form.
  4. Kashmir beige Granite: Kashmir beige granite is one of the world famous varieties of Kashmir white granite. It has white grey background based having pale gray colour dots and black wavy movement. It is very popular granite variety to enhance beauty of indoor and outdoor places. It consists of <60% silica. Attractive look, durability, wide range, smooth finishes are main features.
  5. Blue Pearl Granite: Blue Pearl Granite is a highly popular granite. The main colours are a blue iridescent background with metallic quarter sized flecks throughout. Very uniform. As a tile, granite is fantastic choice being highly resistant to scratches.
  6. Emerald Pearl Granite: This Granite is an eye-catching natural stone that is formed underneath the earth’s shell. It is produced from magma. There are different forms of granite usually adorned with a numerous of colour variations.This particular granite is a combination of green, gray and blue. The other names of the Emerald Pearl Granite are Labrador Gold, Nordic Ice, Perla Smeralda or Labrador Green.
  7. Absolute Black Granite: Absolute Black Granite Granite is an igneous rock that has a visible crystalline structure and is usually polished to a high gloss finish. Unlike other stone options, granite is so hard and dense that it can be used for almost any purpose. With proper maintenance it is very resistant to staining, etching, fading and burning. Colours, crystal size and structure, Due to its classic beauty and durability it is the most desirable Worktop surface in today’s market.
  8. Star Galaxy Granite: This is the most preferable Worktop on the market, Star Galaxy sometimes referred to as Black Galaxy offers a dark black colour with a brilliant sparkling copper fleck. This colour will give your kitchen a glamorous and elegant look, which looks even more magnificent under spot lights. Star Galaxy granite worktops will complement almost any traditional or contemporary kitchen. Star Galaxy is an extremely durable and hardwearing worktop due to the fact the grains in this colour are very close knit making it perfect for your kitchen worktops. Also unlike a plain black colour, which shows streak marks and finger prints you will not have this problem with Star Galaxy. Star Galaxy Granite is only quarried from one part of the world, which is a village in India called Andhra Pradesh. Therefore it is always priced at a premium due to the reason it only comes from one part of the world. Also in recent years due to the global demand for this beautiful stone the quarries of Star Galaxy have started depleting.
  9. Steal Grey Granite: Steal Grey Granite is quarried from a bedrock quarry in the Ongole Region of India. This granite is very consistent in colour. Steel Grey granite has a grayish background with small black spots and big grey spots or inclusions scattered on the surface. These inclusion look like bunches of small flowers scattered around. The granite has good composite strength and is very much ideal for sturdy constructions. Presence of irregular veins provides a strong contrast to the stone. As the name indicates that the stone is of grey shade.
  10. Black Eye Granite: This Granite suitable for Floors and Cladding in interiors and exteriors. Ventilated walls. Swimming pool surrounds. Stairs, tables. Sinks, Kitchen workTops, Shower bases. Finishes: Polished, honed, brushed, sanded, bush-hammered, waterjet and brushed, flame-finished.
  11. Baltic Brown Granite: Baltic Brown Granite is freckled granite, that is fairly consistent light brown stone with a medium pattern made of circular spots with bits used to finish the kitchen cabinet. They originate from the Finland though are popular in other Baltic nations including; Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
  12. Black Pearl Granite: Black Pearl Granite is mined from the south Indian Granite mining zones. Beautiful silver colour plucks in Black Base makes Indian Black Pearl Granite an unique product. The Black Pearl Granite is used for all possible application areas like flooring, wall cladding, Worktop and monuments. This unique black granite is highly in demand.
How to choose the quality Worktop Granite – Four Easy steps to choose quality granite


  1. Scratch the Surface: Scratch the surface granite by the help of coin. A Worktop that came off the slab you are considering. If running the coin over the granite scratches it, then just think what a kitchen knife could do to it. Easily scratched granite is a sign that the polishing job was not done right. If this is the case, then you are going to find yourself doing a lot of maintenance. Make sure to check the granite from several different angles to ensure the lighting isn’t hiding anything.
  2. Use Nail Polish Remover for checking the quality of granite. If you are looking at getting black granite Worktop apply acetone based nail polish remover to a cloth and rub it over that same piece of spare granite. If black comes off onto the cloth and gives the granite a dull look, then it has been dyed and you do not want to purchase it. Dying black granite to achieve a more rich black has become the practice of several granite dealers overseas. This will cause an uneven color over time, so avoid at all costs.
  3. Check for Holes & Porousness Apply a few small drops on that same piece of extra granite Worktop to see how fast the granite takes it in. Granite that is sealed correctly will not absorb lemon juice quickly and will therefore repel stains better than poorly sealed granite. Granite that has not been sealed properly will absorb the acid in the juice and leave a stain on the granite. This means more maintenance for you, which is not a good thing.
  4. Measure the Thickness of the Slab A good quality granite Worktop should be the same thickness throughout the entire slab. To make sure you have a good quality Worktop, measure the thickness every 6-8 inches to make sure it is the same throughout. If so, then that is great! One more test that the granite slab has passed. If your granite slab passes all of these tests, then it is likely a good candidate for your home. You can now go ahead and feel confident with your purchase. Now all you have to do is get that slab ordered and installed so you can start enjoying your new granite Worktop.

How to clean your Worktops in home Quartz & Granite
1. Uses of Water.

Use warm water and a fresh, soft cloth. To avoid unsightly water spots, dry counters thoroughly. Use distilled water as opposed to tap water to ensure there is no mineral or chlorine build up.

2. To do a daily cleaning routine for your granite worktop & quartz worktops.

3. Clean worktop as soon as food or drink is spilled. Use a damp cloth, paper towel, or other non-abrasive surface on the affected area. Sponges or scrubbers can leave faint but permanent scratch marks on your granite, and food and drink left on too long will stain. Be particularly wary of leaving red wine, coffee, soda, or grease stains for too long. All of these can dull the surface of your granite worktops & quartz worktops over time.

Use soup and water, soft cloth, kitchen paper and for any spill that isn’t thoroughly removed just with water. Window spray is one another option to clean the granite worktops & quartz worktops.

You can use baking soda and water paste to clean stubborn stains. A light stain can be covered with the paste leave it overnight and then removed. Cover tougher stains for several days before removing it. Use water or rubbing alcohol for Oil-based stains. Water-based stains can utilize acetone or hydrogen peroxide for granite worktops & quartz worktops.





Use acetone on darker coloured granite, apply hydrogen peroxide on lightly coloured only granite worktops for a deeper clean.

Polish granite to achieve the greatest shine. Keep granite clean with store-bought stone polishers only for granite worktops. For a natural granite polish, mix one-quarter cup baking soda with 3 cups water. Apply, wipe thoroughly, and polish with a chamois.

For another at-home polish, combine 1 cup rubbing alcohol, 3 cups water, and several drops of pH-neutral soap. As with any polish, apply, wipe off, and polish with a soft cloth or chamois.

Carefully consider whether your only granite worktop need a sealant. Some darker granite and types of black granite won’t require it.

For extra protection apply a sealer on granite a layer of protection against stains only for granite worktops.

Don’t sit or stand on granite worktops & quartz worktops . Although the stone is extremely hard, it is not particularly flexible. Any bending can cause small to large cracks.
To safely cleaning of granite worktops & quartz worktops Please avoid acidic base cleaner. This includes ammonia, vinegar, or any other citrus-based cleaning agent. All of these can leave the counter-top looking dull.

Things you will need for cleaning

  • Soap (pH-neutral)
  • Water
  • Non-abrasive towel or sponge
  • Baking soda
  • Chamois
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Advantage and disadvantage of granite
Here are some of the most important drawbacks and benefits of granite that you need to know: The appearance is not uniform. These stones are coming right out of the earth and are not perfectly designed by nature. For some this will be a benefit while others will consider it to be a drawback.

Granite countertops will need to be sealed before they are used and this will need to be repeated year after year for as long as you own the countertop. Granite is a porous stone and can only be considered to be stain-resistant if it has been sealed properly. While some people only seal their granite countertops every 3 years, it’s best to be safe and to do it yearly. If for any reason the sealant on the counter gets compromised, your countertop can get stained. Countertops made of granite are extremely durable but should not be considered to be indestructible. It is a natural rock and can break or chip if subjected to heavy abuse. For regular day-to-day activities though, and with proper maintenance, this is a countertop that can last for a lifetime and beyond.

The stones are heavy and require a professional installation. Don’t even think of hiring your neighbourhood handyman to put in your new countertop to save a few dollars. It’s impossible to hide the seams in a granite counter. Expect the seams to show up once it has been installed.

The samples that you see can slightly differ from the stone that you receive. Keep in mind that these are naturally occurring slabs so the samples cannot be a true 100% reflection of the stone you are ordering. There may be colour variances or occlusions in the stone you receive that gives the slab a slightly different appearance.

Our (OQ) Granite Range

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